Merrimack Valley Moms Blog Contest

Merrimack Valley Moms Blog Contest
July 1, 2014 Kate Rudy

Merrimack Valley Moms BlogThere’s only 3 days left to enter the Merrimack Valley Moms Blog contest – it ends on Thursday, July 3rd! All mothers in the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts are invited to enter to win $250 and become a Merrimack Valley Mom Blogger.

To enter the contest, visit Lowell General Hospital’s Facebook page at and become a fan by clicking the Like button. Upload a video or post a short essay on why you’d be a great mommy blogger.

Take a look at the great entries we have received so far. Which is your favorite?

Michaelene Gaudet Koskela:

Why Me? I was fortunate to become a stay-at-home mother after the birth of my daughter in 2010. I also was advanced maternal. Yes, I was horrified to learn what the RED capital letters “A M A” clearly marked across my OB/GYN file. At present, I am closer to being 50 than 40. I am all for celebrating the year – it certainly beats the alternative. My previous career was corporate – this offered no help to my early months of motherhood. If Apple could create an app that includes transition steps they may be on to something. I encountered a few obstacles as a “ROOKIE” which came as an equal surprise, as I felt I had an arsenal of life skills. I learned I was unprepared and overly prepared at the same time. The new frontiers I had to explore as a SAHM. ~Meeting other mothers. ~What to do during naptimes beyond daytime television. ~What is your identity beyond Mommy? What enriches you? ~How to not bombard hubby with thousands of questions the minute he gets home from work. ~Fitting in fitness. ~How to survive car shaped grocery carts with bad wheels. ~Stay on track with your dreams. And there is much more. The underlying fact is that my life has NEVER been richer. I love motherhood; these are the best years of my life and hopefully my daughters as well. Love is mandatory, humor a plus, a glass of wine optional. This is why I would like to be a mommy blogger.

Kate Henderson:

Boring? Ha! I strive for boring. Between shuttling my kids (5 and 2) to appointments, activities, and play dates, I squeeze in a second college degree (pre-med? Don’t mind if I do!) and marathon training. All with a husband who can work up to 12 (or more!) hours a day. Oh yes, I’m an infertility surviving, pre-med studying, two kid having, weight loss working, marathon running (you know, in theory) momma. Did I mention I’m on the nursery coordinator of my church and my son has ADHD? Allow me to toss that on the fire. I do it all–laundry, dishes, cooking, lawn mowing, butt wiping, hand holding, phonics teaching, over night rocking, argument solving, and hugging and kissing. Then I let my husband take over on the weekends while I run and study. And I do all of the above because you know a mom is never “off duty.” Would I change it!? Never! Boring is well… boring! And I have a lot to say. I *could* use a house cleaner, though….

Jacqueline Koutsoufis:

Never a dull moment in my house. With five children one with autism and two with ADD/ADHD and one is in her terrible twos stage. Mommy who attends school part time while also working. And a husband who is a firefighter and also works a second job. Raising a large family in the city has some of its own problems. Battling the school system year round so your child can get what they need and deserve.

Danielle McFadden:

Here’s my submission to be one of your Merrimack Valley Moms bloggers! :-) I would gladly tweet a link to all of my posts on my Twitter page ( and promote on Facebook. I think this is a great resource for local moms and would love to see the blog grow!

Heather Quintal Condo: 

I don’t know for sure how interesting I would be as a mommy blogger, but I sure could try!  I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids (8, 5 1/2, and 2) each with their own little quirks, annoyances, and strengths.  All 3 have completely different personalities. I also babysit other children on occasion.

I am trying to figure out a balance (does this really exist? Lol) of trying to lose weight and keep up with the kids along with all my newly developed food allergies. I have Oral Allergy Syndrome to every fruit and vegetable imaginable, so I can only eat them cooked. I have a true allergy to bananas, tree nuts, peanuts, all shellfish, coconuts, raw eggs, and we even found out possibly tomatoes. I am trying to find my food balance too, of course. We love trying new recipes and do it often. I love to talk about what we tried, pros and cons, and what we did to make it healthier, if needed, or just ingredient alterations we had to make. And I love passing all my recipe reviews off to my friends. I am very lucky to have a husband who does help with all the cooking and who is very attentive to all of my food “issues.”

Marisa Veiga:

Life after child #2, has certainly put a spin on boring (5 year old boy and 20 month boy).

Never boring with the kids, however. Life has consumed me with being all about balancing my work life and kids, that, in reality, living a fairly boring life . I wouldn’t change it for the world, but, so need to find more ‘ME’ time!!

Thanks LGH!!

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