Mom, Stop Watching Baking Shows

Mom, Stop Watching Baking Shows
October 14, 2018 Our Circle of Moms
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By: Susan Turk

I’ve always loved baking shows. The problem is whenever I watch them, I start thinking I can bake or cook like they do on TV.


My newest baking show obsession on Netflix

My newest obsession has been the Great British Baking Show. I binged all 5 seasons that are up and of course became inspired to start cooking my own baked goods. My first few recipes were safe, traditional recipes that my family was happy to try. (I think it also helped that they were also desserts.)

So I started getting a bit more imaginative with my recipes. A couple were hits, but there may have been a few misses…

My husband is used to my kitchen experiments and has silently suffered through some of my more “creative” recipes. He knows I can tell when something doesn’t turn out delicious. However, my 7-year-old daughter has hit that precocious age where she will tell me exactly how she feels about everything. After one recipe that the more mature palates in our family actually loved, my hot dog and fish stick loving daughter decided that she’d had enough of fennel and Gruyere. So she walked around the dinner table to me, placed her hands on my face, looking me in the eyes as she spoke, “Mom, it’s nice to have hobbies, but you have to stop watching the baking shows.” Then she kissed me on the nose and walked back to her plate.

We sat there in shocked silence for a moment before a commotion of noise filled the dining room.

“Katey, you can’t say that to your mom!” My husband’s voice carried loudest along with the protests of my two older children that they liked trying new things.

But drowning them out was my laughter. Because it was that honesty and the delivery that really touched a chord. Maybe I was going a bit overboard expecting my 7-year-old to enjoy spanakopita and kugelhopf.

I’m glad that she’s learning to understand how to temper her criticism with kindness, but I guess we still need to work on some things. But in the meantime, I think I’ll just stick to watching cooking shows rather than trying my own creative endeavors in the kitchen. At least until Katey is a little older, then all bets are off.

And maybe someday you’ll see me on one of those baking shows…

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