Mommy needs friends too!

Mommy needs friends too!
March 20, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Jacqueline Koutsoufis

As I sit back and go through all the activities I accomplished throughout today I noticed there was nothing that stood out. I was missing something important. Friends. Yes, I am married to my husband. Yes, they say your spouse is your best friend. But before we where married and had children I had other friends. Once my children started coming along my friends started dropping like flies. I noticed slightly, but I still plugged on with my life. My life was my family and I was quite content with that for years. It was my family and only my family. It wasn’t until my children started making friends that I realized, “Man, I used to do that.”

I miss the adult conversation and the relaxed feeling of not caring. And laughing! It had been so long since I had to remake friends. I think I literally forgot how to.

I was so happy when another mom at the bus stop started to talk to me. Our daughters went to the same school and were becoming friends. Our friendship started to grow over the school year. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed I had gained an awesome new best friend. She was someone I could text and vent to and share my fears and joys with. We had started planning gym times together and doing errands together. It was almost like we were planning our own “play dates,” so to speak. Next came a girls weekend away!  Time away from our families and responsibilities to recharge from our everyday life.

So yes, kids, sometimes mommy needs a break and a friend. Her very own play date! Whether it’s a glass of wine and conversation, a gym buddy, or just the kids playing together and talking to another adult, it’s nice to have a friend!

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