Mom’s Hobby

Mom’s Hobby
November 14, 2014 Our Circle of Moms

By: Sue Anganes

Being a mom is an all-encompassing task. There is rarely time to devote to one’s own interests, especially when your children are very young. It is important, though, to have an interest in something other than work, the home, and the kids. Every mom needs something to awaken a spark of excitement, a pursuit outside of her regular occupation. Every mom needs to be engaged in something especially for relaxation. We need a hobby!

For as long as I can remember, my hobby has been the weather. I have had a weather station on my roof for many years. I love the science behind the weather and devote much of my free time using computer models to try to forecast the weather. I read weather blogs and enjoy posting pictures to some weather sites. You can often find me standing in the middle of my street, taking pictures and videos of the sky, when a storm is approaching.

Watching the storm

I’ve even been known to stand barefoot in the street to get a great video of tornado clouds rolling in.

videoing the tornado warning clouds

My weather station uploads information to a weather site and my information is used to help forecast the weather for everyone!

My friends and family have labeled me a “weather geek,” but who do you think they call when they want to know what the weather will be like for their party, hike, or yard sale? Me! My husband lovingly calls me “The Weather Wife.” I know he is happy that I have a hobby that keeps me mentally energized. Who wouldn’t be energized by the weather in New England?!

As a surprise for me, my husband registered me for the Southern New England Weather Conference this year. It’s a conference geared to professional and amateur weather enthusiasts. We decided to make it a two-day getaway and left for the conference a day early to spend some time together. The conference was held at the foot of the Blue Hills Reservation in Canton, MA.  We ended up lacing up our hiking boots and hiking to the top of Blue Hill where we took a tour of the Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory.


It was amazing to climb out of the hatch onto the roof of the observatory and to be able to see the Boston skyline and harbor, Mount Monadnock, and Mount Wachusett all in the distance.

view from the observatory

Th following day, we arrived at 7:30 am for the weather conference. We spent the whole day listening to various presenters speak about water to snow ratios, Atlantic hurricanes, ski weather, weather satellites, and tornado chasing. My husband was a VERY good sport sitting through all the hours of speakers. Some of the information was over my head, but I learned so much. The whole day just gave me a psychological boost knowing that I was able to participate in something that I truly enjoyed. The topper of the day was when my husband and I sat at an empty table at lunch. Who asked to sit in the empty seats but several of the local news meteorologists! I got to meet them up close and in person.

It was so refreshing to spend a couple of days immersed in something that I truly enjoy. It’s good for every mom to expand her interests and keep current on whatever she enjoys doing. My weekend away left me relaxed and also secretly hoping my husband will go along with me again to next years’ conference.

I’d love to hear what interests other female bloggers and readers have. I’m sure we’d be surprised by some of the hobbies. Maybe there are a few more weather geeks out there?

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