My Mother’s Day Favorites

My Mother’s Day Favorites
May 5, 2016 Our Circle of Moms

Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate all the things we moms do.8095411_orig

My husband works hard to make sure that I am well taken care of on this holiday.

Of course, I’ve gotten the typical spa days and jewelry but he quickly learned that my favorite gifts were the ones that didn’t cost him and the kids anything but time and attention… and a restaurant tab.

Many moms start off with breakfast in bed; I nixed this idea pretty early in our marriage. For those of you with husbands that can cook, congratulations! Mine tries, but it just doesn’t turn out great. So we’ve now started loading up the kids and heading to IHOP. We don’t go out to eat very often so this is always a nice treat to both my palate and to me not having to worry about leftover dishes.

I get a card from hubby and the kids each year. I have loved watching the signatures of my children evolve over the years from chubby baby handprints to sloppy names. I think I will be a little sad when they start to look like adult signatures.

Last year, I also received a coupon book from my family that could be redeemed throughout the year for things like my husband doing the dishes or snuggles from kids.

If the weather is nice, we’ll spend our afternoon outside at the park and if it’s not we’ll spend it inside playing games. It doesn’t matter to me whether we spend it inside or out, I just love that I get that time with my family. No interruptions just us.

It’s not the expensive things that make Mother’s Day for me. It’s redeeming the time with my family while we have it.

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