New Mother’s Day

New Mother’s Day
May 5, 2011 jflojennings

This year, my wife will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day.  And there’s tons of pressure on me, the new dad, to make sure her first Mother’s Day is special.

I’m often made fun of because our anniversary, her birthday and Valentine’s Day are within a few days of each other.  Everyone teases that we planned the wedding between her birthday and Valentine’s so that I could save a few bucks and get one present to cover all.  For the most part, we don’t buy each other gifts.  We’ll do dinner, a card and kind words, but even at Christmas we’ll use gift cards and money from family to buy gifts for others.  We have weaknesses that challenge our budget, sure, but presents to each other are an area where we choose to be frugal.  But her first Mother’s Day is different.  I need something that says

I know what you do is hard. I couldn’t do what you do. And I love you for it.

Flowers and a card would work, but I need to get something that goes beyond what 99% of mothers will be receiving this Sunday. Jewelry might cover it, but we’re very frugal with our funds (new parents, remember) and she’d scold me for spending unecessarily. A poem might be special, but she’d laugh at me if I tried to read it to her.  Same with a song, and I can’t play an instrument. I could cook her a meal, but, trust me, that’s not a ‘gift.’ Unless it’s cereal.

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I thought I had time to work through a list of ideas because she’s out of town for three days at a conference.  My plan was to have everything bought and ready before she’s back on Saturday.  That was my goal, anyway.  Between the day to day stuff I do around the house, I’m responsible for feeding, dressing, changing and getting our little guy to daycare.  And picking him up, getting him to bed, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re having a lovely time, but I don’t have time to anything else.  And sleep is out the window.  I realize that I’m not going to have time to decide on a gift and pick something up.  If I’m not at work, every second is accounted for with the baby.

And then it hit me.

For Mother’s Day, I’m going to give her time.  Little guy and I will high tail it for the day and she can sleep, shop and enjoy a day free of tasks like cleaning bottles, cleaning the high chair, changing diapers and everything else that goes along with an infant.

Something else hit me.  My wife, on Mother’s Day, will want to do all of the above and she’ll cherish every second of it.

Any thoughts on a nice, inexpensive gift for the new mother in my life?

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  1. Christine Scaplen 9 years ago

    I think your idea is perfect!

    As a new mother nearly 15 years ago, each week my son’s dad would take him for out for a few hours on Sunday morning – they would do their daddy-and-me thing and I would get to sleep in, maybe go for a walk, and do those chores without anyone underfoot – making it so much easier! Having time to recharge your own batteries is a treat!

    As a keepsake, you might want to get a handprint and footprint of your little guy and make it into a card. Use a waterbased acrylic paint or a stamp pad. That first mother’s day card will be cherished for many years.

    Enjoy your day all you moms (and dads)!

  2. davidguetta402 2 years ago

    looks nice and I guess its really a wonderful gift for mothers and I will surely gonna give it to my mother on this mothers day. Also I’ve found a mom’s day deal at Penny Saviour and will surely use them.

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