Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and Bolts
May 25, 2018 Our Circle of Moms

By: Sue Anganes


Shop Girl!Whenever my husband has his shop door open, my granddaughter is by his side. She seems to have a natural interest in working with tools and enjoys hanging around and helping when things are being fabricated or repaired.

Last time when she came over she said, “It’s always a treat to see Papou working in his garage!” That really made my heart melt!

Sometimes she just hangs out and scavenges random old parts (shop treasures to her) and collects them in little baggies. Hanging out in my husband’s shop was never a boy’s only place. My husband is good at making sure that his granddaughter has as much opportunity to help in the shop as our grandsons have.Papou and Amelia enjoying her treasures

Back in the day, when my husband was my boyfriend and I was in my very early teens, I would spend hours with him helping while he repaired cars, radios, rebuilt motorcycle and car engines, and welded all kinds of stuff. I even became a ham radio operator at the age of fourteen because he inspired me to learn Morse Code and get my license. I helped him with his work and learned along the way, and I truly enjoyed it.

Passing on his interests to me was a bit odd back in the day; but hopefully, now we don’t limit what our girls become interested in. As a result of my early interests, I rebuilt the engine in my first car, studied electrical engineering in college, and am still known to swing a hammer, work on my own car, shingle a roof, and lay ceramic tile. Hopefully my granddaughter will continue to be a hands-on girl and learn some helpful skills in life that are often relegated to the boys.

Here’s to all the girls with grease under their nails!




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