Our Favorite Toys (0-14 Months)

Our Favorite Toys (0-14 Months)
November 25, 2014 Our Circle of Moms

By: Danielle McFadden


Back almost two years ago when we were registering for my baby shower, Adam made the joke that we should only let our baby play with things that didn’t play music… Well the joke is on us because almost all of Zoe’s favorite things are musical – including me! I find myself constantly singing the silly songs that her toys play. And to top it off, she asks me (in a language only I can understand) to sing these songs over… and over… and over again. I’ve become one of her favorite sources of entertainment.

Luckily for us 21st century parents, there are so many entertaining and educational toys out there! And with Christmas around the corner, it got me to thinking about Zoe’s favorite toys over the past 14 months. Here’s a Pinterest board with the toys that have gotten the most use in our household. What are the big toys in your house? Let me know by commenting below or sending me a tweet!

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