June 4, 2020 Our Circle of Moms

By: Tonya Wilson

During this time of avoiding large gatherings and self-distancing, we are spending more time at home. And because of this, I am constantly looking for things to keep my daughter busy. We bake a lot and she helps with odd jobs around the house, which is great, but I started looking around for some arts and crafts projects.

My daughter has always been interested in drawing or painting, so a few weeks ago I was in a store and saw a paint-by-numbers kit. I’ve seen these advertised all over Facebook, so I was familiar with it and thought it looked like fun. It includes everything you need to paint a pre-drawn masterpiece. I picked out a nice scene of a house on a lake with a breathtaking sunset in the background. It really makes painting a beautiful scene easy because the paint color numbers are included in the areas for that color.

My daughter and I started the painting yesterday and I must say, it is really fun, easy to do, and looks great! What I also like about it is that it is so relaxing. Once you start it, it is hard to stop. The time seems to fly by and it is so satisfying to see the progress you make even after a few hours.

I encourage others to try it out! You can find the kits in arts and craft stores or search for them online. There are many different companies making them. The kit comes with the canvas already mounted to the wooden frame along with all the paint and several brushes – everything you need to create your own masterpiece.

Here is an image I took showing the progress we have made so far. We both think it is really coming out well!


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