Paper Garland Project

Paper Garland Project
April 28, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Michaelene Koskelagarland

Admittedly I have come to realize my addiction appreciation for beautiful paper. My paper infatuation is not you’re run of the mill multipurpose printer paper or newspapers. I am far more obsessed selective than that. Subsequently to glance over my colorful cardstock hoard collection my selection process to join the other confined cotton fiber watermarked sheets of beauty; the intended need to fulfill two requirements. 1. Made of paper 2. Speak to me. My stash therefore to could possibly weigh more than an Angus heifer, of course I have never won any fair prizes by correctly guessing poundage.

This admiration also lends itself to saving any card that has come personally into my possession circa 1984, and having purchased multiple ribbon tied bundles of other peoples treasures trash at flea markets.

My intentions were to “Someday make something”.  That something finally happened needing a decoration for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. Her chosen theme is the Eiffel tower; traditional paper streamers did not speak Parisian influence to me.

Supplies needed for this kid friendly project:

-Stack of saved cards (Birthday, Holiday, Baby, etc.)
-Card stock or thick paper in your colors of choice (design on both sides is ideal, but not required)
-Bakers twine or colored string
-Small hole punch not to exceeded thickness of string or twine used (keep cutouts from sliding)
-Heavy duty tape or thumb tacks for hanging

Optional items:

-A plastic needle for threading
-A large cutout punch


1. Select cards and paper that fit your desired theme colors, when using cards you can chose to include text or not.

2. Measure the length you would like your garland to be using the bakers twine. My scientific process was to walk the direction letting string fall from the roll between the points intended to hang the garland.

3. Cut out the desired shape with scissors chose triangles, circles, squares the options are endless. I own a large circle scalloped edge punch from a previous project. My daughter punched the shapes in excess it’s no exact science if you run out you can always cut more.

4. Put holes in your cutouts using the tiny hole punch about ¼ inch down you want to make sure it’s not close to the edge so the paper rips when you thread it through the string.

5. Tie a large loop knot at the end of the string leaving a loop so that you can hang it with thumb tacks

6. Using either a threaded needle with string or just feeding the cutouts through with your fingers thread and space to the knot until the string is full. The distance in my design is 2-3 inches apart.

7. Once your cutouts are threaded through to your desired fullness tie another loop knot and hang with tacks or heavy duty tape, you could also staple gun if you do not mind holes in your walls.

The finished project resembles colored lights on a string. The finishing touches add curling ribbon and party balloons.  The garland can be re-used by winding it around a paper towel roll and stored for another event. Voila!

Forever yours,
Paper lover



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