Pokemon Go Means Family Go Out Together

Pokemon Go Means Family Go Out Together
August 4, 2016 Our Circle of Moms



Becoming a gym leader with his Nidoking fulfilled all my husband’s childhood fantasies

I’ll admit it, my family has become a bit obsessed with the newest fad, Pokemon Go.

My husband and I both grew up at the height of the Pokemon craze and have passed that love on to our kids. When Netflix got the original Pokemon a few months ago, we swapped out our kids normal cartoons for those until they were as hooked as we were.

As you might expect, we were thrilled when Pokemon Go launched last month.

We knew that we would be playing and I knew my four and six year old would try to steal my phone in order to play. What I didn’t expect is how much exercise we’d be getting and how much fun we’d all have playing together.

Going on PokeWalk

Getting ready to go for a Poke Walk with the kids. First stop the Poke Stop across the street

Pokemon Go makes you walk around to catch Pokemon, hatch eggs and get other necessary items. So my kids now beg me to go on poke walks when before it was difficult to get them to want to leave the house during the summer. My husband makes plans to go on walks with the family when he gets home from work, when before he just wanted to relax and destress. And spending this time with my family has kept me active and more scheduled which helps me keep my manic-depression better regulated. It’s amazing how close this game has made us as a family. We talk more, we spend more time together and we’re healthier.

All because of little monsters you catch on your phone


But don’t worry you won’t hear about my family walking off a cliff for them anytime soon.

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  1. Monty 6 years ago

    I love playing Pokemon Go with my son! Great exercise too

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