Resources for Social & Emotional Learning

Resources for Social & Emotional Learning
November 4, 2021 Our Circle of Moms

As a mom, I am constantly considering how I can help my kids become well-rounded, kind, and joyful individuals. The truth is, kids today are facing barriers to happy and healthy living that I can’t even imagine. They’re growing up in the world of Tik-Tok, constant connectedness, and now, of COVID-19. However, there is another other, more positive, side of the coin. Social and emotional learning is at the forefront of the conversation. Counseling is more normalized, and people are learning to ask the right questions to no longer ignore mental health needs in kids and teens.

If you’re like me – on a mission to best support your child’s development and wellbeing – check out these videos, articles, and websites that have been enlightening and helpful to our family:



Self-Esteem & Body Image:

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