Running the Race

Running the Race
July 31, 2014 Kate Rudy

By: Sue Anganes

Last weekend my son Andrew left for Vermont to run the Vermont 100 Endurance Race. He ran 100K (62.5 miles) in 16 hours and 22 minutes. Last weekend was also my son Ray’s sixteenth birthday. The juxtaposition of Andrew running 62 miles up and down mountains, and Ray, because of his disease, being unable to stand for only a small amount of time was overwhelming to me as a mom. Last year when Andrew ran the race I cried and cried when I considered the contrast.


However, in many ways my sons are both the same. One runs a race for a day, and one is running a race for a lifetime. Both run with courage, endurance, strength, and a goal. I admire them equally for their accomplishments. Each son has a different race in life to complete- as we all do.

ray-at-the-beachLet us all run our races to the best of our ability. HAPPY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY, Ray! Wonderful race, Andrew! I love you and am proud of you both!

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