September 11, 2014 Our Circle of Moms

By: Sue Anganes

homeschoolingSummer melts away and September slowly emerges; cooler, with clear blue skies, and the smell of wood smoke in the air. Schoolbooks are open and it’s time to buckle down and get back to work at the dining room table. This year I am entering my twenty-fifth year of homeschooling. My two youngest sons, Ray and Ted, are my last students. They are in eleventh and eighth grade this year.

My style of teaching has evolved over the years; I am more relaxed and less stressed now. I have learned how to draw out strengths from each of my children. I enjoy seeing their interests and helping them move toward their future goals in life. To me, homeschooling has been much more of a process of developing human character rather than pressure towards academic excellence. Thankfully, my oldest kids have all excelled in their college studies, but I attribute that to their work ethic rather than my teaching. I have always enjoyed having my children home with me during the school year, and I would never trade the time I had with my oldest four while they lived and studied at home.

This September, I am excited about my school year. I’m going to treasure these last few important years with my boys. I hope all of you have time to treasure with your little ones this fall, whether it is helping them with homework, reading a story before bedtime, or taking time to play in the park together. The simple day- to-day things of life are of great importance and make an enormous impact in their future.

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