Shirts, Sleeves and Sentiments

Shirts, Sleeves and Sentiments
November 16, 2011 jflojennings

By Sue Anganes

Eight year old Teddy excitedly exclaimed,

“Mom, look, I have a shirt just like Charlie’s!”.

I turned to see what the excitement was about.  There was Ted, with his giant gap-toothed grin, standing in his favorite Spiderman t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.  They weren’t neatly cut off, but hacked off by, my guess, a pair of rounded kiddie scissors. He had also hacked off a pair of pants into shorts.

“What in the world did you do that for?’,  I asked with a slight annoyance in my voice.

The shirt was his favorite, and I considered it now an unusable piece of clothing. 

“I made a shirt just like Charlie’s”, Ted said proudly, “I’m going to look cool like Chaz!”.

Charlie had a couple of sleeveless shirts that he wore on occasion, and they certainly must have made an impression on Teddy. The youngest of all his siblings, Ted was always trying to keep up with the others, especially his oldest brothers and idols, Andrew and Charlie.

Ted wore his modified Spiderman shirt everywhere we went. I was sure other moms at the park were wondering why I would let my kid out of the house dressed in what was basically a rag. He wore it all that summer and then all winter in the house. It was dug out of the unfolded laundry basket and often  times worn multiple days in a row, unwashed. I drew the line at wearing the shirt to church, but other than that, Ted expressed his “coolness” everywhere.

This past week I was helping Teddy and Ray clean out their bedroom drawers. Teddy , now ten years old, dug out from the back of his drawer the old sleeveless Spiderman shirt and stuffed it into the rag bag without a flinch. Later, when the job was completed, I pulled it out of the rag bag. I stuffed the shirt  into the back of my dresser drawer until the day I can part with the memories.

I’m wondering what memories some of you moms have squirreled away in the back of your drawers….

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  1. Sweet memories Sue. My husband is more the sentimental one in our family. He has Lydia’s first baby shoes and countless other pieces of clothing squirreled away because he can’t part with them. Since my boys have a progressive neuromuscular disease which continues to weaken their muscles and is taking away their ability to write and do artwork, I have started framing old pieces of art and I have boxes and boxes of poems and letters they have written over the years.

  2. Yvonne 9 years ago

    I have a box of memories – an old “pawpaw” (pacifier), a tiny cast (for a twisted foot), a beaded necklace (made for Mother’s Day)….

    Ahhh…. you’re making me cry. (I need to dig out that box and remember my babies.)

    I like your blog, Sue!

  3. Linda 9 years ago

    It reminds me of the time when my older set of twins were ready for bras. My younger set of twins cut all their undershirts in half. Too funny.

  4. So cute!!! He’ll appreciate having it someday….or his kids even :)

  5. Lori, the artwork and poems will certainly be treasures. I’m so glad you’ve kept them. They are always precious because they captured glimpses of their thoughts and imagination. Yvonne, I’m somewhat like you with your odd assortment of items. Handmade things are always hard for me to part with (also baby teeth for some reason). Linda, what can I say! You must also have scissors available to little hands :-)
    Dawn, I hope I don’t keep that shirt until Teddy has kids! I know it will have to be parted with eventually- I just couldn’t do it that day for some reason.

  6. Deb 9 years ago

    I also have a box of baby teeth. :-)

    The hardest things for me are the dresses I made for my daughter when she was young. Most of them were hand smocked. She just got engaged, but I am not sure she is going to want all those dresses. I even saved the fabric scraps from them picturing a time in my life when I would make them all into a cathedral window quilt. I don’t think that will happen now, but I can’t bear to part with them.

    I have been known to “hide” kids clothes that I couldn’t tolerate seeing them in one more second…

    • Deb, you have to keep those dresses! The first time you dress a future granddaughter in one of them will be priceless. I wish I was able to sew- quilt making is so time consuming. I don’t know who would have a chance to make one in this day and age.

  7. Meredith 9 years ago

    Great post! I’m sure when you show him the shirt when he is older he will be so happy you saved it!

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