Showing Kindness To Others

Showing Kindness To Others
April 14, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Jacqueline Koutsoufis 

Most of us can recall growing up and being taught not to talk to strangers. I have even been guilty of telling my children not to talk to someone that they didn’t know even though I believe it’s built in us from a young age to want to talk and meet new people. We would go to the local park and start talking to a kid and ask them to play with us. We never asked them their name, but instantly they where our new best friend. And as a child you would see someone struggling and you would offer help, or pick up a dropped object and hand it back. 


Why is it as adults that we can sit back and watch other struggle and not extend a hand? How can we see someone sitting alone and not offer a simple hello? Or see a mom struggling with her children and offer her a hand with what ever she may need? Why don’t we offer help to an elderly person struggling with their belongings or un steady on their feet? Or even a seat on the train or bus to someone who may need it more?

The older we get, the more self absorbed we seem to become. We care only about ourselves and our family. I think that one of the best lessons we can teach our younger crowd is: Not everyone is evil or out to hurt us. People are, and can be good, but it starts with you.

Not only sharing and playing nice while little, but to give to others what we no longer need. Being polite and saying hello and making proper eye contact with people. Showing our children that everyone deserves respect. Even if we don’t agree with their choices, they are still a living person. 

My advice to you is to hold a door open, offer to help when you see someone struggling with what ever it maybe! If we live a life of fear and go through thinking that there are truly no good people, then fear takes over and all the good in people will truly disappear. I have started to teach my children to say hello. And to show them to watch there surroundings.

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