Snow Day Adventures

Snow Day Adventures
February 5, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Vallery Schofield-Miller 

It has officially happened- THE SNOW HAS COME FOR US!! By day 3 of the now infamous “Blizzard of 2015” we had full-fledged cabin fever. This meant that it was time for me to reach way down into my “mom Bag O Tricks.” As playing board games, watching movies, playing on tablet (YES the dreaded electronics,) reading, coloring, typical arts and crafts had been done to their deaths.

So in an effort to keep everyone sane and entertained, our first activity of the day was making an indoor ice skating rink. Before you start scratching your head, confused, bear with me! To do this yourself you need wax paper, rubber bands- extra large, and a rug on the floor. From there, wrap your child’s feet (make sure they’re wearing socks) and secure it in place with the rubber bands. Now, they’re free to skate around the rug and try out as many tricks as they can think of, but be careful because it can get a little slippery.

After the ice skating fun wore off, we moved on to science projects- we made slime, homemade kaleidoscopes with milk*, and even experimented with hopping corn.

However, science is only fun for so long so up next came baking. We made cookies, banana bread, homemade potato chips and rice crispy treats!

Sounds like a full day of fun and entertainment right? I thought so too until I looked at the clock and it was only 1 pm! And here I was thinking that my husband was due home any minute to reprieve me for a little bit!

Okay, now it was time to dig a little deeper. We decided to throw our own talent show. I was thoroughly entertained by all the singing, dancing, and just being silly. Afterwards we played hide and seek, and then decided we were going to have a “beach party.” We donned our swimsuits and summer cloths and created our own beach setting. We laid down beach towels and made beach snacks to enjoy while we watched “Teen Beach Movie.” At this point I was in serious need of a nap…perhaps until spring.

Just when I thought they would be tired enough to relax, the kids were asking to go outside. At this point, my husband was home and working on the clean up, so the kids and I bundled up and headed out. The kids had a blast trudging through the snow and sledding down the hill outside our house.

Growing up my Mom always had activities for us to do when we were out of school. I try to carry on that tradition. I believe that kids need downtime away from parents to explore their interests, but I also believe as a parent I should strive to provide my children a fun childhood filled with memories they can enjoy as adults.

*Kaleidoscope Milk- You will need a Bowl, 1/3-cup milk, liquid food coloring, dishwashing liquid. Pour the milk into bowl, drop 2-3 drops of each food color in different spots in the milk, drop in just 2 drops of dish liquid and watch the magic happen!

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