Spinach and Broccoli Calzone – RECIPE

Spinach and Broccoli Calzone – RECIPE
January 8, 2016 Our Circle of Moms

By: Amy Dienta

I love this recipe and surprisingly my kids eat it too! It has lots of vegetables and I usually serve it with a salad. 


2 cans of refrigerated pizza dough 

1 bag of shredded mozzarella cheese 

1 bag frozen broccoli 

1 bag frozen spinach  

1/2 stick butter 

1 onion diced

1 tsp crushed Garlic 

Salt and pepper 

This makes 2 large calzones 


– Preheat oven to 350 

– In the microwave defrost the frozen broccoli and spinach then strain all the water out of the vegetables, by pressing on the strainer with a spoon. 

– In a fry pan add a pad of butter and the diced onion, crushed garlic and salt and pepper 

– Add vegetables to the fry pan 

– Heat on low for 5 minutes stirring occasionally 

– Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray 

– Open the can of pizza dough and spread on the cookie sheet 

– Add the cheese to the pan and mix everything together 

– Pour over the vegetable and cheese mixture on one side of the crust and fold the rest over the top

– Seal the corners by folding the dough and pressing it together 

– Melt butter in the microwave and brush on top of crust 

– Bake for 15 minutes or until the crust is golden brown 

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