Summer Is Around The Corner

Summer Is Around The Corner
May 28, 2013 Kate Rudy

By:  Sue Anganes

With the school year finally winding down and summer just around the corner, I can now let out a sigh of relief. This seemed like a particularly long school year, probably because of all the snow this winter. It was almost like a weight was lifted off of me when I could open my windows, walk outside in the sunshine, and enjoy seeing my perennials sprouting from the flowerbeds.

My grandson, Elias, helping me water my flowers

My grandson, Elias, helping me water my flowers

I have so many things I want to do this summer and so many projects around the house I need to complete. However, this spring and summer are going to be different than most for me. My husband, an engineer, will be working most of the summer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma installing a proton beam generator at a cancer treatment center there.  With him gone almost all summer until September, I’m going to have to keep myself and my youngest two kids, Ray and Teddy, occupied.  I want to make a point of doing lots of things to create some fun memories this summer and keep them (and myself) from missing their dad.

I already know I definitely want to visit the Higgins Armory  in Worcester, MA, again before it closes at the end of the year. No one should miss out on visiting the extensive armor and weapons collection before it leaves its home in the castle for another location.

I also want to get to the Boston Museum of Science to see the special exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls and view the new IMAX movie about the Canadian Pacific Railway called “Rocky Mountain Express.”

I would love to get my kids to the beach this summer. If anyone knows of one that has a boardwalk that brings you up close to the shore, please let me know.  I would love to get my son’s wheelchair or scooter as close to the water’s edge as possible. He is still able to walk but it’s nearly impossible for him to walk in sand.

The Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA is a hidden treasure of five small American museums of art and history. Although it is not completely wheelchair- accessible because of the nature of the historic buildings, it is still a place we have always enjoyed.

I would also like to head north into the White Mountains and take my boys up Mount Washington on the Cog Railway. Their older brother and sister-in-law took them up Cannon Mountain’s Tramway last year and they loved eating lunch above the tree line at the top of the mountain.

My son, Teddy, fishing.

My son, Teddy, fishing.

The local sportsmen’s club we belong to has two beautiful ponds to fish on and I’m sure we’ll spend some evenings fishing till the sun goes down.

Last summer we didn’t get to go camping, but I’m hoping this summer we will get a chance to go at least once. Harold Parker State Forest in North Andover, MA, has a fantastic campground and it’s just minutes away from Lowell. It may be the camping option I choose this year if I don’t want to travel too far from home. In the past, we have always ended up at the Old North Bridge, which is part of the Minute Man National Park in Concord, MA. You can’t beat that for the cost- free!

Finally, my public library will be my rainy day excursion option.

Even if I don’t get to do half of the things on my list, I’m hoping to be outdoors as much as possible before getting shut up in a snowbound house again. Please feel free to post what you are doing this summer. I’d love to hear what ideas you have planned!

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  1. Sue,
    Salisbury state park has a track out of this plastic material for wheel chairs and they have a wheel chair with large wheels that can go in the sand. I think you just ask the park rangers.

    • Amy, thank you for letting me know! I love Salisbury Sate Park but I had no idea they had sand wheelchairs. There is no way I would be able to buy one at this point! Even with just the plastic track, I bet I could get Ray to the water’s edge. THANKS for the info. I’m going to look into it!

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    Thank you for supplying these details.

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