Support Group for Parents of Autistic Children

Support Group for Parents of Autistic Children
February 15, 2016 Our Circle of Moms

By: Amy Dienta 

Having a child with autism is a job all in itself. There are so many appointments and all the terms can make it seem like you’re speaking a different language.  No other person understands poop as much as a parent of an autistic child, or what ABA means, or how to survive on 2 hours of sleep, or your child’s love of cars. NWI family Services and UMass Lowell are partnering together and starting a support group for parents of autistic children. Have a child with autism come join me at the group on 2/24/2016 at NFI family services 27 Prescott St., Lowell, MA from 4:00-6:30.  This group will meet every Wednesday following.  

Children will be supervised by UMass Students in the Autism program and parents can talk about what it means to be the parent of an autistic child. Please don’t think you are in this alone. There is support in the Lowell area!! I hope to see you there! 12654226_10206770149831433_7751336830530571024_n

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