Surviving Allergy Season

Surviving Allergy Season
May 13, 2016 Our Circle of Moms

By: Ashley Evans


Most people enjoy the spring and summer months immensely.

I, however, am not one of them.GlutenSeasonalAllergies

I think it’s partly because I love snow and the changing colors of fall, but mostly it has to do with allergy season. For months, I have to take every precaution there is so that I will remain semi-functional, and will still end up running through bags of cough drops and boxes of tissues before fall hits and I’m safe again.

If you’re anything like me here are some simple home remedies you can try to ease the symptoms:

Local Honey

Local honey is important to use instead of honey you buy at the grocery because ingesting local pollens can help your body build up a natural immunity to the pollens that affect you. Local markets are great places to find this kind of honey.

Saline Spray

I try to use this twice a day because it helps keep congestion at bay by rinsing away the pollens.

Wash your clothes

Seems like common sense, but most of us get a couple wears out of items before washing them, but on high pollen days , it’s best to wash right away otherwise you’re just going to cause more irritation the next time you put that blouse on.

Shower Frequently

Again, this might seem like an unnecessary tip, but I usually switch my showers from mornings to evenings during Spring and Summer in order to wash the pollen off of myself before bed.


Hope this helps you get through allergy season!



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