Teaching an Old Mom New Tricks

Teaching an Old Mom New Tricks
August 12, 2010 amandalgh

Post by Amanda MacFadgen, Lowell General Hospital

When I read about all the things that the Moms here are talking about, it certainly brings me back to the days way back when. Diaper bags and dolls, bottles and baby wipes – I can’t say that I necessarily miss them that much.  I moved past this stage a long time ago.

My daughter is now 30 years old. How did that happen?  I can’t even imagine!

Time goes by so quickly, from bassinets to cheerleading competitions, it seems like just yesterday when she was wanting me to chaperone her field trip to the aquarium. But don’t think it is all over Moms, oh no!  Mommying continues long after the stages of scraped knees and pony tails.

I got a desperate call this morning looking for safety pins, a possible fashion emergency in the making! No matter how old they are, they need their moms and we need them.

In my younger days, and Deb’s younger days, when I was a single mom struggling with late night homework and hordes of friends around the house, I remember thinking that empty nest syndrome would be a good thing – something to eagerly anticipate.

Even though I am a full time working woman, with more hobbies and friends than I can ever get to, I admit that I miss the kiddy activity – at times.  However, it has been an amazing ride and an amazing blessing to see the woman that Deb has become.  She may not get any taller- sorry Deb, five feet is all you are gonna get- but she never stops “growing.”  That’s why she still needs her Mom.

Gotta go, I think that’s her on the phone right now.

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  1. Tiffany MacKay 9 years ago

    I really like this post Amanda, it is great to hear from a mom that has “been there, done that”. I can’t even imagine what life will be like when my little one is grown and how I will react to not being as immersed in the day to day goings on of my child. Will I enjoy the empty nest or will it be difficult for me? Who knows, I will find out in 19+ years. You are right about the fact that you never stop being a mom, I know mine is still right there looking out for me. She never lets me forget that even though I am adult with a child of my own I am still her little girl.

  2. Amy Dienta 9 years ago

    I am almost 30.. Yikes!! But I still call my mom everyday!
    She is one of my closest friends.
    I hope that when my son is old enough we have the same relationship as me and my mom do.

  3. Sabina Chen 9 years ago

    Very sweet! Nice to know mommyhood never ends. How do you survive surly adolescence?

    • amandalgh 9 years ago

      Ah, lovely adolescence. It is a little like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The aliens come and take your lovely, sweet, happy child and leave a hormone-driven, surly, impossible to please pre-teen. If you are ever going to consider boarding school, this is the time! Just kidding, mostly. The good news is, the aliens bring the real child back at 17, just in time to leave for college :-)

  4. Meredith McKay 9 years ago

    Amanda, I love your viewpoint as a Mom to a 30 year old. Please keep writing, as I am very curious about what I can look forward to as a Mom and the inevitable difficult times (a teenage daughter- Yikes)! Also, be sure to include some funny wedding planning details :)

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