That’s not my doppelganger… it’s my twin!

That’s not my doppelganger… it’s my twin!
January 29, 2016 Our Circle of Moms

By: Michaelene Koskela 

As humans it is not uncommon for us to meet people that have an uncanny resemblance to someone we know or love. Some folks make lucrative careers resembling celebrities. Often in life we have been told that we look or remind someone of somebody yet our paths never cross.

I however, was born 2 minutes after my doppelganger, she is my twin sister. So I have had the luxury (or curse) of having a sister share in pretty much all of my life experiences.  People who learn of my twin-ness are often intrigued by the notion of having a twin, and I am often bombarded with a series of questions. 99% of the conversations go like this…

You are a twin, like Siamese twins? Yes I am a twin but Siamese means you would see her NOW attached to me. I believe you are asking if we are identical or fraternal. We are fraternal. The conversation then gets odd discussing embryonic sacks. If your interest is peaked, Google twins. The internet is somewhat accurate on twin facts.

twinsIs your twin a boy or a girl? I have a twin sister.

Do you look alike? “No” is always my response, however at times in our lives we look more alike than others.  When my sister was pregnant we certainly did not look the same as I was not pregnant. Our height sets us apart as well but this does not help if we are not together my twin is 5’4” and I am 5’7”.

Were you born on the same day? Yes same day two minutes apart. It’s possible to be a twin and be born on different days.

Who is older? Michele is older by two minutes.

Can you feel her emotions? When we were small we mirrored each other this included emotions we also, spoke our own language.  We have had some extraordinary occurrences of reading each other’s thoughts or showing up unannounced at pinnacle moments. Luck, chance, sibling intuition or clairvoyance it can be any all or none but we certainly have been and continue to be connected.

Have you tricked people i.e. Boyfriends, college professors or friends? Never intentionally, but we did fool people. Let the record state my sister and I never had the same taste when it came to our dates. However, our college days we made the fraternity party guest lists often and would be showcased in photos as book ends.  Elementary school teachers had often taken us from classrooms or lunchrooms in error believing one to be another, the looks on the teacher’s faces as they stare at two of us trying to make sense of what happened was always entertaining. Michele and I have grown up together and as adults lived separate in different states, hours apart, and currently 20 minutes from each other.  To this day complete strangers will approach me in public asking me how the family is doing and within moments its realized they know my twin.  It has been learned that it’s better in these awkward moments to go with the flow; if opportunity presents itself that I may carefully explain that I am Baby B not Baby A then I do so. Most cases the stranger is beyond embarrassed to learn that I am not who they think I am it has been better to be cordial and answer the questions as if I am her and she also does this as if she is me.

Being a twin is unique but I certainly do not know any different.

Excuse me my phone is ringing and with certainty it’s my womb mate, she will ask why I am writing about us.

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