The Big Red Door

The Big Red Door
November 26, 2013 Kate Rudy

By: Dawn Thompson

My little man got out of school early today for the Thanksgiving break. I still had some work to do in the office above the fire station. Dylan enjoys going “to work” with me when he can.  As we walked up to the BIG RED door Dylan said, “Remember when I really wanted to be a fireman, Mum?”  I smiled. I did remember that he wanted to be one and I also remembered why.


When Dylan was four, he had a neurological emergency and was given a “special ride” from the fire department. We were out in the woods in Winchendon and it would have taken too long to wait for the ambulance. Dylan came home from the hospital weeks later and visited the station; this time they let him sit in the front of the fire truck and “drive.”  I’ll never forget how happy they were to see that Dylan was ok, and how happy Dylan was to see them!

In the truck

Today Dylan climbed up on a fire truck again which he has done many times since. But this time he did it all by himself! I can not express how grateful I am to see my kid so healthy and strong.  He has grown up so much this year with the help of his feeding tube: he is 12 pounds bigger and almost 2 inches taller.  Most importantly, he FEELS great too! BIG thanks to everyone who goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of our children. They NEVER forget and neither do we 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


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