The Skinny On Tummy Troubles

The Skinny On Tummy Troubles
January 16, 2013 Kate Rudy

By: Dawn Thompson

While lots of people would be thankful to weigh the same or less than they did 2 years ago, Dylan is NOT very happy. He has been in “failure to thrive” category since he was 6 months old, but has recently earned the title “Growth Failure,” weighing in at 49 lbs at age 10 and a half. What an insult! How does one eat like a hungry monster and then FAIL to GROW?

Gluten FreeHe not only flat lined on the growth chart, he started to decline and that was a total red flag. After multiple tests and procedures, we were told that Dylan needs to completely change his diet and eliminate all gluten. Although gluten intolerance was not the cause of his problems, eliminating it from his diet could avoid any more issues.

They also found multiple nodules in three areas of his digestive system and his doctor said that we need to place a G-tube or feeding tube in Dylan’s stomach so he can get his nutrition. We have gone over this for the past month a number of times and then some and still are not comfortable with the idea. However, we are even more uncomfortable with not doing it because we know that he needs to get stronger and feel better. and that he will with this kind of intervention.

After Dylan lost the ability to see out of his right eye with the left one open, we told him we would keep in the loop and let him have a say in his medical care. Unfortunately, we have to tell him tomorrow that although his opinion matters, we can’t take it into consideration. We have had plenty of conflicts with our other children but never imagined anything like this. The GOOD news is that once he gets stronger, starts feeling better and grows a little, he will be glad and thankful that he had it done. It’s just convincing him of that before hand that is the tough part.

Cheers to helping kids be and feel the best they can, even when they don’t agree!


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