There Once was a Girl with a Curl

There Once was a Girl with a Curl
August 16, 2010 jflojennings

by Meredith McKay

I knew this day would eventually come.  I had to face it, and I knew it was going to be difficult for me…

Mia’s first haircut.

It could’ve been my postpartum kicking in, but I cried when the piece of Mia’s umbilical cord fell off almost two years ago.  I viewed that gross stump as the last remnant of our physical bond.  Now the ends of her hair, the hair that she came into the world with, are going to be cut off!

Mia was born with the most beautiful head of dark hair, which has turned into a head of beautiful curls.  But lately, her hair has been looking scraggily and uneven.

She needed a haircut, but what if they cut off her curls and they never came back?

Mia's Curls

Should I take her to just any salon?

Some regular hair salons welcome children with big open arms, like a loving Grandmother.  While others state their strict policy against children. Check out this policy I found on the website of local spa:

“The Spa and Salon is a place where our guests come to rest their minds. Please make babysitting arrangements in advance. Enjoy the spa without your bundles of joy.”

I guess bringing Mia in for her first haircut is out of the question.

My “over-researching” tendencies kicked in and I googled “children’s hair salons.”

I found that there are a lot of cool salons around the country that are specifically for children.  The only child specific salons I could find near the Merrimack Valley are Snip-its, a franchise with locations in North Andover and Burlington, and Kid Klips in Acton.  There are a few salons closer to Boston that have children’s sections located in their salons.  I don’t go into Boston to get my haircut, so I’m not going to start bringing Mia there either.

I concluded that the stylists at a child-specific salon would probably be patient and more familiar in handling the many different personalities of children!

On the Snip-its website, the Burlington salon is offering a coupon for $3.00 off a regular haircut for new customers until 10/02/10.  I immediately picked up the phone to make an appointment.  The receptionist informed me that they do not accept appointments unless you are a VIP customer for $25 a year.  I was going to have to take my chances as a walk in on a Thursday evening after I get out of work but, before they close at 6 pm.

Mia’s face lit up when we walked through the doors at Snip-its- and were welcomed by ginormous bright smiley stationary characters!

Mia taking it all in

There were a few kids in the waiting area and all the stylists’ chairs were filled with happy boys and girls.  There is so much to keep kids entertained:  fun mirrors, puzzles, paper and crayons and paper, and books.

I admit I am a bit of a germaphobe so my eyes zoomed right in on the dirty Melissa and Doug puzzle piece knobs.  I know this isn’t a pediatrician’s office so I don’t think they are wiping down the toys every night, and these grubby toys made our 5 minute wait fly by.

While Mia played, I looked at the salon’s items to purchase: sunglasses, Snip-its line of kid’s hair products, barrettes, combs, puzzles, toy cars and more.  Just as I was secretly hoping that Mia didn’t notice these items too, her name was called.

Thavien was Mia’s hair stylist and she was so friendly right away.  I told her that I just wanted Mia’s hair trimmed.  She suggested cutting it about a ½ an inch and adding a few layers.

I placed Mia in the stylist’s chair and temporarily took a seat across from her in the specially designed “Parent’s Chair.”

Mia began to squirm and demanded, “Mia down, Mia down.”  Thavien brought out the bubbles, which helped for a minute or so.

Distraction 1: Bubbles

She then put a cape on Mia and began to spray her hair with water.  Thavien must’ve sensed a tantrum brewing because out came the lollypops!

Distraction 2: Lollypops

Thavien was trying her best, but Mia definitely knows what she wants and demands it.  She wanted “Mommy,” so I ended up in the stylist’s chair with Mia on my lap and it went much smoother for all of us!

Within a few minutes, her haircut was finished and she had a pink bow in her hair.

I was given a plastic baggie with some of Mia’s cut hair and she was given a wooden card to put in the “Magic Box” at the receptionist’s desk.

On her way to the Magic Box

While I paid ($20.00 total, $15.00 w/ my $3.00 off coupon and a $5 well earned tip for Thavien), Mia placed her card in the box and a toy car and stickers flew down the chute.

The whole process was over within 20 minutes and Mia still has her curls.  In fact her hair looks curlier and thicker and she loves telling people “Mia got haircut.”

Mia after her first haircut

I highly recommend and will definitely take her to Snip-its again.

Snip-its in Burlington is located at 101 Middlesex Turnpike, in the plaza next to the Burlington Mall. (781) 221-9939

What helps when you bring your child for a haircut?  Do you have a recommendation of a salon or a great stylist in the area that specializes in children’s hair cuts?

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  1. Erika 9 years ago

    I have never heard of this salon!! Thanks for the great review I will be checking it out very soon for my daughter’s first day of school hair cut! The coupon is an added bonus…Thanks Meredith and Mia :)

  2. Tiffany MacKay 9 years ago

    Meredith, love your post! I use Snip-its in Nashua and I love it. After having my own stylist charge me a ridiculous amount of money I found snipits and they did a fantastic job and the price was totally reasonable. It is a fun enviornment for the kids and the stylists have been great with my little one!

    • Tara 9 years ago

      Great post Meredith–Mia looks adorable with her new haircut–Snip-Its is great!!–I discovered it last year. I take the twins there regularly now. They had the same hair dresser when we went the first time!
      The kids love going–they especialy love the bubbles and lollipops!

  3. Michelle Davis 9 years ago

    Thanks Meredith! I had a very similar experience as my daughter Hayleigh has beautiful blond curls that I was nervous to cut. I also took her to snip-its at the North Andover location. We also called to make an appointment and I was terrified when they said they did not take appointments. All I could envision was other little ones screaming and leading to fear in my daughter. Luckily that did not occur and we walked right in and Hayleigh was thrilled when they put her in a bright pink sparkly “princess chair” for her haircut.
    We are now ready for haircut number 2 and hopefully will go as well as number 1.
    I have no sense of how often you should get hair cuts in little ones, but I’m guessing when you have to brush the bangs to stay out of their eyes it is time? Any suggestions?

  4. Patty 9 years ago

    Hey Meredith! I think we went to school together. My maiden name is Green. I brought my son to Snip-its in Burlington for his first hair cut, too, but that was 11 years ago. It’s great to hear they’re still there and still fantastic. I went there with him for years because they were so good at dealing with his fidgets. Congrats on your baby girl, she’s adorable.

    • Meredith McKay 9 years ago

      Hi Patty,
      It seems like just yesterday that we were in 4th grade at the Reilly School! I’m so glad you commented on the blog, it’s great to get in touch with old friends. Great to hear from you and keep commenting as I’m sure you have a much different perspective on parenting, being a Mom to a tween!

  5. Jen 9 years ago


    I love your article about Mia’s first haircut! It made me laugh out loud. I can just see you inspecting the place, ready with your wipes and at the same time scanning for more hair accessories to buy for little Mia Belle! Unfortunately, my little Madison does not need any hair accessories or a haircut quite yet, but when she is ready, I will definitelty check out Snip-its! Thanks for making me smile.

  6. Hi Meredith & Mia – what a beautiful girl! …and isn’t snip its wonderful – Maryellen takes Declan to the No. Andover branch – although he kind of goes ballistic (and Gram just can’t go witness that ) they do a great job ………your blog is great! see you soon – Patty Mc

  7. LeeAnn 9 years ago

    Hi Meredith!
    Love the story about little Mia and her first haircut. You are too funny! I have taken the boys to Actons Kid Clips and they love it there. They usually get a better haircut than some salons and they LOVE sitting in the airplane or on the horse. They also have TVs playing Dora or Thomas which helps too.
    Keep the stories coming! I love hearing all about little Mia 😉


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