This Halloween

This Halloween
October 27, 2014 Our Circle of Moms

By: Vallery Schofield-Miller

HalloweenIt has been a very rough couple of weeks since losing my Mom and my husband’s Dad. My family is now beginning the healing process.

Having my children has helped me in more ways than I could ever imagine. They have needed me to be strong for them, talk with them when they have questions, or even just snuggle so they can cry. Matthew and Kelsie have been supportive, giving me a hug when I need it, or telling me that Nana and Papa are now in heaven with little Grampa (my Dad) and Grandma (my husband’s Mom) and that they are all watching over us. I thought it would take us much longer to find the strength to get through our days.

Children are the world’s greatest medicine, in my opinion. They rely on you for so much, but can give much back with the littlest gestures and the simplest words. No one should ever underestimate their power.

On a happier note, our favorite day (ok, tied with Christmas and their birthdays) is coming: Halloween. Boy, have we been busy. We have had parties, parades, and haunted hayrides to attend. The kids were so excited to get their costumes. Matt was determined to be a grim reaper, but changed his mind with everything we have just been through. Instead, he will be a Ninja. Kelsie chose Cleopatra. She is so enthralled with the headpiece that she wants to wear it to school every day. We have some spirited discussions in the mornings about this. I can usually win, but some days we compromise so she can wear it in the car. I let her have the small victory, especially since she feels so smart for having “won.”

I love seeing the kids happy and enjoying the best time of year. They have been working on our trick-or-treating map, planning which houses to go to. One landmark on their list is a house on the street that runs parallel to us, where there is a big black pig.  They are determined to see this pig up close. Every day we have to drive by the house on our way home to see if it is still there, which it has been for several years. (I’m sure it will be there for years to come.) The kids also intend to light our firepit and roast marshmellows when we get home from trick-or-treating.

I am really looking forward to this Halloween, more than I have ever looked forward to any others. We need a happy time with some great people who we love – with some family members and friends who are now more like family to us. The kids love running through the neighborhood and seeing neighbors who are so good to them. They have such anticipation for that day.

I have one question, though. With a party happening at school and a party happening at their YMCA after-school program, will they make it to the fire pit or will they crash and burn while changing? Regardless, it is going to be a wonderful night. I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween. Enjoy and take care.

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