Time Is A Relative Thing

Time Is A Relative Thing
August 14, 2018 Our Circle of Moms

By: Amy Dienta


Time is this relative thing. For example, do I have time this morning to cook my kids eggs or put on accessories and earrings and give the kids food in the car on the way? Do I have time to actually get to work without baby puke, snot, or smudges on my shoulder? Will my child have a tantrum because I gave him the green cup which throws the entire schedule out of whack?

But there’s this aspect of time that’s missing from many families and marriages. There’s this time that’s missing due to parents working and running around, with children playing multiple sports and in multiple activities.

There’s no longer church on Sunday and Sunday dinner, and families don’t always get time to eat dinner together due to the maze of things going on after school and both parents working. We recently added a baby to the 2 boy show and are now a 3 boy household.

As a parent I find myself pulled 50 different ways every second of the day. My full time job is demanding. My kids play sports: baseball, football, soccer, and now golf. My middle son has autism and all it’s related therapies. I haven’t slept in in forever because of speech, ABA and Saturday early AM OT.

What are some ways we can sneak in family time? How can we make sure we get this precious time as they are only young once. Do we limit the activities? Stop getting so much therapy?

If you have advice that has worked for you and your family, I’d love to hear it!

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