Time is Not On My Side

Time is Not On My Side
January 12, 2012 jflojennings

By Amy Dienta

The longer I’m the mom of two kids, the harder it seems to get anywhere on time with everything we need. My oldest son has soccer practice, cello lessons and other after school programs. I’m lucky if we get to these on time with our cello and music book, or with the soccer ball.

How do other moms accomplish this? Is there some kind of super organizer I need to get? Or start getting ready three hours early? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Kristen Eriksen 8 years ago

    Great topic! Was just talking about this at work last night with a couple of the other nurses. One thing that I did to try to get the twins out for school, was to make a task chart. I had pictures of eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth, going potty, getting into the van, and a picture of toys (if they got everything else done first in the morning, they had time for some play) and then a picture of school. We actually used official PECs (picture exchange communication) picture cards with velcro on the back. My early intervention people used to make some for me for the twins, and I used to make them when I worked there, too. You can also buy a chart through http://www.kensonparenting.com, or I bought one at the new toy shop in Flint’s corner, in North Chelmsford, Kidz Enterprizes. It still took a long time to get this to work, but it has made a world of difference!!!!

  2. From what I’ve heard, it seems like the older they are, the harder it is to keep up!

    Take care of yourself!

  3. Sandy Egan 8 years ago

    Here are a couple of things I have done that seem to help —

    Have a “home” for certain items. I’d have my kids put all their sports items in a certain color plastic bin. Ditto, cub scouts things. Also, they know that certain things have to be packed and ready to go right by the door, so they can grab their things as we rush out the door (we are always rushing). Lastly, compartmentalize things. Choose what you want your kid to do and have them only do one or two actvities at a time. For example, my daughter may want to play basketball and do track, but she doesn’t do them simultaneously in the same chunk of time. She’ll play basketball for 3 months, then she’ll do track. The same thing with my son. He takes Karate, has scouts and CCD. He can’t do anything more than that, plus his homework, so he just doesn’t do the activities after school. After CCD is over for the year, he may be able to do something else.

  4. This cartoon cracked me up! It also made me think of how moms, even when they have the same sickness that everyone else in the family has, are always the ones still dragging themselves around trying to keep things in the home rolling…..

    Amy, in the fifteen years that I have been driving my kids around to music lessons, we have arrived at lessons twice ( two different sons) without remembering to bring the violin….I still make an announcement an hour ahead of time that, “We will be leaving for…(whatever)…and get your things together.” It still never fails that my youngest is scampering around trying to find something last minute. I guess you just have to go with the flow sometimes :-)

  5. Amy Dienta 8 years ago

    Thank you for all your suggestions I will try them. Hopefully we will get places on time and with our stuff. I purchased a hook for his cost and school bag by the front door and bins for soccer and cello so that everything’s in it’s place. Thanks

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