Tips and Tricks for Professional Christmas Wrapping

Tips and Tricks for Professional Christmas Wrapping
December 20, 2018 Our Circle of Moms
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By: Beverly Jones


‘Tis the season for gift-giving! My family loves to watch the pile of presents accumulate under the tree and oftentimes, we try to guess at who wrapped what based on the skill level of the wrapping-job.

As a woman trained in the art of gift-wrapping by my own mother, I know a thing or two about a well-wrapped present. Whether you’re new to the wrapping scene, or simply, looking for a few pointers, here are a few helpful tips I’ve learned for really wrapping your Christmas presents like a pro!


Tip #1: Package by Weight

When it comes to packaging a present, you’ve got two basic options:  box or bag. Now, the biggest rookie mistake when wrapping a present, is choosing the wrong vessel for the weight of the present. I think we can all agree that a pretty bag with tissue paper gets the job done, however, a heavy present needs the protection of a box. So small or light items, get bags and heavy items get boxes. Simple. Protect those presents first, and then add the wrapping pizzazz. NEXT TIP!


Tip #2: For Bags, Fluff it up with Tissue Triangles

When wrapping a present via bag, start with at least 4-6 sheets of tissue paper.

My mom’s rule of thumb is to give each present 2 sheets of tissue paper, depending on how fragile the gift is. Then use the additional pieces of tissue to make triangles.

To start, stack 2 sheets of tissue paper on top of each other on your table. Then place your gift in the center. Pull all 4 corners up into one hand so that the gift is enfolded in the middle, twist once, and place in your gift bag. For figurines and more delicate items, I recommend rolling in bubble wrap and taping thoroughly like a little bubble-wrap-burrito before proceeding to the next step.

bags-black-friday-christmas-749353Shout-out to my own mother who taught me this next tip we call: Tissue Triangles. With your remaining tissue, unfold each piece onto the table until you have at least four tissue squares. Take the first tissue square and fold diagonally twice so that you have a medium-sized triangle, with nice firm creases in the paper. TA-DA! You have yourself the prettiest way to hide your present.

Place the triangle into the giftbag, along the sides and of the bag, so that the folded corner is at the bottom of the bag and adjust the top of the triangle so that a few inches are above the top of the bag. Repeat this step for as many additional pieces of tissue as you’d like, so that the present is completely hidden underneath triangles.

I personally love to add a ton of tissue to fluff up my gift bags and then add a little tag to the handle, so that no one needs to dig for who the gift is to or from.


Tip #3: For Boxes, Measure, Crease, and Tape that Paper!

Now let’s tackle those boxed presents. You’ll need gift-wrapping paper, scissors, and tape!

I learned best by watching my mom, but since she is camera-shy, here is a pretty cute video on how to wrap two different-sized boxes:

The cliff notes version of the above is this: measure out the paper, keep it smooth against your package, tape as you go, and crease for a clean finish!


Tip #4: Jazz up Your Gifts with Ribbons, Bows & More!

 And my favorite part, the accessories!

Placing the right, ribbon, bow or accessory on a gift is the cherry on top of a perfect present. Choose size appropriate bows for your boxes and be aware of the color-scheme you’ve selected.

As for final accessories, adding a little Christmas ornament, pine cone, or faux-branches can really take your gift to the next level!

Don’t be afraid of checking out seasonal decorations at your local arts and supply store to see what sort of knick-knacks you can add to the tops of your presents!


Tip #5: The Personal Touch

No gift is complete without a card. I love using tags for Christmas presents! I keep it pretty simple by adding a little personal note or funny picture to my loved ones.


And that’s all folks!
Hope you enjoy a fun-filled Christmas with those you love!

Happy wrapping!


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