Top 10 Things I Can’t Believe I’ve Done as a Mom

Top 10 Things I Can’t Believe I’ve Done as a Mom
April 9, 2012 jflojennings

By Kristen Eriksen

In reality, this list could be a top 100, but I am trying to be brief.  All who know me know that brevity is not my strong point, but here it goes!

Before I was blessed with my twins, I had a lot of experience with children.  I have 10 nieces and nephews, and worked for six years in Early Intervention with children aged three and under.  I have seen many an unruly child, shall I say, and have seen my share of tantrums.  I thought I had all the answers on how to handle all obstacles.  Then I began raising my twins.  I have learned more in these last four years.  Many parents have said something to the effect of

“I have created a monster.”

I truly feel that we all learn how to best handle the “monster” that we are given.  I feel badly for judging what I have seen others do (well, within reason, of course).  On the same topic, I recently read a great blog at about judging parents.

Check it out.

Who did I think I was anyway?  I can’t believe that I………

  1. Wiped snotty noses on my sleeve, and even my bare hand!!!  Gross!
  2. Left a potty in my van for about a year when potty training was “new.”
  3. Bought a minivan (although I must say, I love my van!)
  4. Used a crib tent, complete with zippers, on Ben’s crib since he was ready to dive out of the crib at a year old.  When I worked in EI, I had several families use these.  I was shocked!  All I saw was a cage, and a safety issue, since you zip the child in their crib.  I must say, I slept so much better knowing that he couldn’t fall out and he actually slept better, too.  I think it was like a little womb for my little boy.
  5. Have not had to bring Ben to the ER for a broken bone…………yet.
  6. Opened a package of bologna and cheese in Wal-Mart to feed my kids lunch while shopping.
  7. Have left the house without a shower, without makeup, without looking in the mirror.  I have scared myself when I get back and see myself in the mirror!
  8. Have gone to “Big League Cuts” for MY haircut.  Now, I am not a high maintenance female (as far as cosmetic items go) but this is pretty sad!  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!
  9. Can clean, tidy and organize all day, just to have my house look like a tornado just hit!
  10. Even with all the craziness of parenting twins, I can’t believe how happy my babies can make me in an instant, with a smile, a word or a simple “I love you.”

The work is overwhelming, and exhausting.  The change in life is so extreme.  The happy, loving, proud feelings I get as I watch them grow are also overwhelming and extreme!  It all good!

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  1. Julie 9 years ago

    You go Krissy! I was particularly amused by #6….at first I laughed and then I thought “What’s wrong with that? Nothing!”

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