Tricky Turkey Tradition

Tricky Turkey Tradition
November 22, 2011 jflojennings

By Meredith McKay

Mia’s preschool sent home an adorable project to complete as a family and return to school. We were given a “naked” turkey and needed to disguise him so he won’t get eaten for Thanksgiving!

The Naked Turkey

Mia and I went through many disguise possibilities: a ballerina; a pink flamingo; and a silly clown before finally settling on a Carmen Miranda outfit. Mia loved putting the fruit stickers on the turkey’s head, coloring the wings and adding the fancy sparkles to his costume. Mia proudly returned her turkey to school and told everyone that her turkey is disguised as Carmen Mirando – yes Mirando!

Turkey in Disguise

I plan on doing this project every November; it will be so much fun to see how we disguise the turkeys over the years.

I must give props to some awesome disguises done by Mia’s classmates: Cottonball covered Snowman Turkey, “Turk-ish” Princess Turkey and even a Kim Kardashian Bride Turkey!

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  1. So cute! I love the idea.

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