Triple Birthday Party

Triple Birthday Party
July 21, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Sue Anganes

With three of my six kids born in July (don’t try counting back the nine months beforehand -October must just be a good month for me) I decided to throw a triple birthday bash this year and have one big party. My eldest daughter Cassie, my second daughter Tessa, and my third son Ray were the ones who were honored. With six kids, their spouses and significant others, my grandkids, and the grandparents, I decided to organize the event on Facebook. Even my eighty year old mom has, and uses, Facebook! I bought a bunch of hamburgers and sausages to grill and made some side dishes the day before. I wimped out on baking a cake and bought three cakes from the store. I often take the easy way out because it is so much less stressful, and then I can enjoy the party without feeling wiped out.

It was an easygoing fun afternoon. There were lots of cards and gifts to hand out with three birthday celebrations rolled into one. One special item that I thought was touching was a gift that my eldest daughter Cassie, who is a mom to three little ones, gave to her sister Tessa who is eight years younger. It was a beautiful bracelet with the name “Auntie” engraved on the outside, and the names of the three little ones engraved on the inside.

Above and beyond the fun of the cakes and gifts was the blessing of having four generations of the family together; having my eighty year old parents, who are the GREAT-grandparents to my grandchildren, with us to celebrate. I am thankful that all the kids enjoy being together, and that we all live close by. Sometimes I hear young moms despair that their children are growing up too fast, and that they have heaviness in their hearts that they are losing something as their kids get older. I can honestly say that I enjoy my adult children and my teens today as much as I did when they were little. The blessing of having three little grandchildren to love only puts icing on the cake.


Auntie Bracelet

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