Under the Flowering Magnolia Tree

Under the Flowering Magnolia Tree
December 16, 2014 Our Circle of Moms

By: Michaelene Koskela 

On July 21, 1941, surrounded by family and friends, a wedding celebration took place.

memere and pepere wedding day

If time travel were possible I would set the dial to this day.

I would have loved to be present with this sparkling 25-year-old bride as she readied herself for her special day. It would have been so special to hear her anxious chatter and open laughter. I imagine her gloved hands caressing the satin ribbon of her bouquet, taking in the scent of baby’s breath and stephanotis, and her electric blue eyes full of hope for her future life of love. She has no idea what is in store for her but cannot wait for it to happen.

I can picture the true gentleman of a groom, two years her senior, dressed in his Sunday best. As he stood at the alter he chose his words wisely and held not an ounce nerves. For he believed he had already been granted a great chunk of life’s luck and love was certainly a gift he cherished. He made sure he didn’t take a single day on this earth for granted. He had survived polio and so many others were lost. This proud man lived each day thankfully. On this day his thoughts had remained on the celebration, but the others, as they gathered near the chicken coop smoking hand rolled cigarettes, were tangled around the war in Europe. No one could have predicted that 5 short months later, Pearl Harbor would catapult America into the Second World War.

The bride’s family home was the location of the reception on that beautiful July day. Everyone celebrating under the magnolia trees could feel the breeze flowing slowly down the base of Mount Tom and they were confident that it carried relief, hope, love and the promise of better tomorrows.

Sadly, all the individuals in the photos have passed on. It’s important that we keep the photos close to serve as a reminder to hold family tight, ask to hear the stories, and live each day with the strength of those who loved, fought and even died for us. Make the time to be together this holiday season. Perhaps one day, you will be the center of a cherished photograph that your granddaughter will share.


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