Waiting Absentmindedly

Waiting Absentmindedly
January 7, 2019 Our Circle of Moms

By: Jillian

One of the joys of having a child is the distraction from being pregnant with another baby! My first trimester into my second pregnancy I barely noticed I was pregnant. My first sonogram placed me at 9 weeks along! The only reason I took a pregnancy test to begin with was because I felt extra tired. Not the typical my-child-isn’t-sleeping-through-the-night-yet-tired, although I thought that at first.
adult-belly-body-54289Inconsistent periods made it difficult to gauge how far along I was since I only had one at six months postpartum before becoming pregnant again. No one tells you that you are super fertile after you have your first child! Well, at least I am. Pregnancy the second time around has been challenging and easier for different reasons. One of the biggest challenges is toting around a toddler to ob appointments and ultrasounds. The trade off is that if it weren’t for those appointments, I would forget I was pregnant.
Truly, my toddler keeps me busy and distracted from being pregnant. As my due date came and went, I couldn’t help but think about the difference in the anticipation and waiting for baby 2. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a fan of being overdue, but since my toddler was going through a mommy phase all I could hope for was that he would outgrow it before my two day hiatus away from him in the hospital.  Oh, and that he would sleep through the night and stop nursing before baby number 2 arrived. Our prayer was in God’s perfect timing because of all the variables involved with having a second child 18 months after our first! And for a name for the new baby- the pressure was on for coming up with another name we liked that fit with the rest of our names.
Our little bundle of joy arrived at 41 weeks gestation with the help of Pitocin and breaking my waters. We named him and our toddler did well with having mommy in the hospital for a couple of days. He came to visit his little brother at the hospital and they exchanged gifts. The adjustment to sharing a house was tricky, especially when I couldn’t pick up my toddler for the first week. But like all families with multiple kiddos we rose to the challenge of parenting two kids under two years old!

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