When There Is Crying In Baseball

When There Is Crying In Baseball
April 6, 2016 Our Circle of Moms

By: Amy Dienta


My son loves and lives for baseball. We spent Saturday buying him equipment to play and he had been registered for months. Spent $90 on cleats that he has been eyeing for months at the sporting goods store. Traded in his old bat and got the perfect one, as he was moving up a level.

Then on Saturday, in the pouring rain, he tried out for senior league baseball for our section of the city. He was so excited and ran to my car after, stating, “Mom, I love baseball and can’t wait to play!”

Then on Sunday night, I received a phone call from the league, put my phone on speaker phone thinking they were calling with his team. The league explained that the league has too many kids and cut my son and he can not play on a team. He can be on a waiting list. At that point, my son’s face turned pale white and he started crying.

A boy who lives for baseball started crying, saying he hates it and doesn’t want to play. Then came texts from his friends who made teams to make it even harder on him. The next day in school, where his friends were so excited about playing and he can’t play, hurt him even more.

I think the hardest thing to do as a parent is to see your child go through this devastation and have his heart broken. In the grand scheme of life, is it a huge deal? No, but when you are 13 and love baseball and just want to play with your friends from school, it means everything.

I’m hoping that he will get on the league across the cities team. He won’t be playing with his friends; but,hopefully, he will make more friends and in the process play the game he loves.

I’m hoping that this makes him grow and learn that even if everything doesn’t go your way, you pick up the pieces and move on and find another way to accomplish what you want. 

I am also hoping that the league will learn that when they say everyone gets on a team, everyone gets on a team!

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