Where Is Mom?

Where Is Mom?
February 17, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Michaelene Koskela

Are you absent or hiding from photos? As a mom, you take it upon yourself to plan and organize events, adventures and experiences for your family and you manage to capture the moments of everyone. But looking back you do not find yourself in a single photograph. Ask yourself if this is by design- have you been avoiding the camera on purpose? Are you too critical? Do you think, “If I was 10, 20 pounds lighter,” “I need more definition in my arms,” “I need to see my colorist,” “I have a zit,” etc… sound familiar?

You have my understanding 100% as I am guilty of this myself. The reality is that we will never reverse time; time does not workMom & Brooke that way. Do you believe that when our child needs a hug that they even recognize a single self deprecating flaw that we have instilled on ourselves? No and nor will they hold a single negative thought about a fun filled adventure as long as you are present. Present, as in taking part not hidden behind an electronic device or observing from the sideline.

A defining moment for me was when my niece was preparing for to leave home for her freshman year of college. She made a collage of photos to hang in her dorm room. What surprised me was that she didn’t choose the pictures that were taken by a professional photographer, but instead she chose real life pictures that meant something to her. Real honest candid life photos of her friends, family and pets. When I scrolled over the pictures and saw what and who were instrumental and important enough to be chosen to join her, I was honored to discover that I was a part of this group. I was able to accompany her on her first college adventure; these chosen faces of home would ease her mind and provide happiness when she needed it.

You can chose to be present, a part of the memory not just special events but every day. Allow yourself to be photographed. Children learn by example, if you give love they see you as love. Love is not measured by dress size. Every expression of love is beautiful.

Here I am.

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