You May Forget…

You May Forget…
April 6, 2015 Our Circle of Moms

By: Michaelene Koskela 

What a silent house is. Your house is filled with the constant chaos of your children’s laughter, multiple disagreements over toys, random motor noises and little feet pounding.

What it is like to not be interrupted.  “Mommy, Mom, Mommy can you open this?” “What is this?” “Who is that for?” “I will help!” “M….O…..M…”  Special note- any of these commands urgently hollered from a bathroom usually warrants immediate attention.

Brooke drawing at vetWhat your carpets or floors look like clean. Your endless routine includes wiping spills or picking up errant Lego pieces, Barbie parts, discarded stickers, and crayon nubs.

What it feels like to sleep through the night. Your sleep hearing is amplified to reach all corners of the house you know when a top sheet is rustled, when a stuffed animal falls to the floor, or the tiniest of sneezes occurs. You awake a minimum of 10-15 times a night.

How you are always needed.  Your children need you the moment you go into the bathroom. The minute the phone rings. When you are Google searching how to remove permanent marker off of the dog.

How fast they grow. The first year your child grows so fast that many items are donated with tags. However you get used to 2T that they wear long after they are 3 and items finally have evident signs of wear. Yet you’re surprised when the off white winter coat gets folded and tucked into the donation bag you have to interrupt your progress to find a tissue for your tears.

What it’s like to be in constant motion.  Preparing meals, packing sports bags, being on time (hardly ever) running out of time (always), drop offs and pickups from school, dance recitals, practices, games, birthday parties, needing to bake, what to wear, planning ahead for spills, or bathroom accidents.

Children are always hungry. Breakfast dishes are loaded into the dishwasher the sponge is returned to its caddy after wiping down the counters. Your moment of celebration is short lived as a voice is heard from the adjacent room, “Mom, I’m hungry, can I have a snack?”

How long it took to paint the bathroom. Before children your spring cleaning or household painting projects normally would take 24-48 hours. Now you find your planning starts in March and if the painting, reorganizing and cleaning happens before the 4th of July you are thrilled.

How large the spare room is. Until all of the oversized plastic bins of toys, clothing and baby items are finally brought to consignment, the room remains as storage.  You will design this room in your mind multiple times over the years. On moving day this room once empty will hold your only regrets on what it never was, and you’re OK with this.

How much you matter.  The laughter and chaos of happy and even arguing children is growth. They are learning and you are a witness to these moments albeit we may forget when we are challenged.

When we feel as if our days are back to back breathless moments of chasing, catching, running, what is for dinner and what has been forgotten.  We forget our value in these spilled over routines of our young little’s lives; WE do matter. Let me remind you of your importance.

Be thankful. Happy spring!

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